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Synopsis of the upcoming book - "The Power of Will"

By Will Smith and Claire M. Bastien

© 2004 Brunswick, Maine

It takes a lot to take a strong man down, and champion bodybuilder Will Smith was a strong man. But his diet and weight training helped save his life not once, but several times during a harrowing journey through a series of chronic illnesses.

Will was on his way to heaven, carried by an angel after his kidneys failed; but he told her that it wouldn't be fair for him to leave his young wife and their two children. When doctors tried to fly the sailor from Italy to the United States, Navy politics put his life in jeopardy until a congressman intervened. A post-kidney-transplant virus almost took Will down for the count, but with excellent medical intervention and his determination, he rallied once again. After all this, he was rushed to the hospital one more time when diabetes almost took his life.

Few would have blamed Will had he given up his fitness regime altogether, but he still chooses to be fit and offers inspiration and empathy as much as knowledge to the people who turn to him with hope. His clients call it "Will Power" or "the power of Will" - an embodied joy that enables others to make the lifestyle changes necessary to reclaim their lives.

Today, Will brings a quiet power to his personal training that goes beyond discipline and expertise. His clients include a woman who is legally blind and almost deaf, a man who had two heart attacks, a mother of five who dropped from a size 20 to a size 4, people dealing with depression and others with challenges to overcome on their way to better health. In fact, it was one of Will's clients, Ellen Souviney, who donated a kidney out of gratitude for the new life she'd found in physical fitness.

Will's story will inspire a broad spectrum of readers. In the book, Will also will speak to those who have had organ transplants and other health challenges, to the medical professionals who care for them and the wonders of modern medications. He will tell readers what to look for in a personal trainer and give trainers guidelines for success. Readers also will enjoy cameo appearances from some of Will's clients, including before and after photographs.

Besides presenting a riveting human drama, the book will inspire readers to access "the power of Will" in their own lives.

If you are interested in being notified upon publication of the book, "The Power of Will," please use the Contact page to let us know you are interested. We will notify you as soon as the book goes on sale.

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