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Better U gym

Will Smith's Better U Fitness and WILL POWER classes teach as well as assist with programs designed to help you reach what seems to be unachievable results.

There is a difference in a training program with an experienced trainer. Will Smith has helped hundreds of people reach their fitness goals. His knowledge of the elements of a good training program can help you. Exercise, nutrition, and motivation are keys to making the changes you many need.

Will's own experience with chronic illness gives him insight into the health struggles of many of his clients. Whether you have mobility issues, chronic illness, weight challenges, want to improve your health and fitness level, or just need to boost your bodybuilding program, Will can help you!

Will Smith's book, "The Power of Will" - which is due for publication in the Fall of 2008 - will tell how he became a competitive bodybuilder, faced total kidney failure, then brought his body back to shape while undergoing kidney dialysis for three years, and opened his own business to help other people overcome their struggles and return to health. Will's clients adore him and when you read his story, you will too! You will also get guidance on your journey to health and fitness. When Will's book hits publication, you will find more information on this web site!

Better U Fitness can help you feel and look better! Just some of the ways we can help:

Better U gym

Enjoy Brunswick, Maine's nationally known One-on-One Fitness Center. Will Smith's Better U promotes a stress-free atmosphere as well as a motivating, healthy environment to meet all your wellness needs. Call Will at (207)721-9215 or use the Contact page to send him a message. When he gets out of the gym he will respond.

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