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Kidney Disease and Transplant Information

Will Smith on dialysis

In 1998, while serving with the US Navy in Italy, Will suffered from an infection that lead to total failure of his kidneys, known as End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). After receiving a medical discharge from the Navy and suspending his bodybuilding competitions, Will returned home to Brunswick, Maine.

After adjusting to three days of dialysis each week to keep him alive, Will opened a small gym and put a sign in the window. He quickly filled his non-dialysis time with clients eager to learn how to get healthy and fit.

Three years after starting dialysis, Will received a kidney transplant and resumed a more normal life. He takes a regimen of anti-rejection medications to keep his new kidney healthy. What was previously dialysis time is now available to add more clients to his hour-by-hour personal training schedule.

Will Smith competing

Experience with kidney disease and organ transplantation not only gives Will his unique insight into his clients' struggles, but it has activated him to work with the National Kidney Foundation of Maine to promote kidney health and organ transplantation.

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